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How would you direct someone else on how to cook an omelet.

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[Listen to the question} I would direct them to, advising to search for "Best omelet recipe." [As a manager, never do the work if someone else has already done it.]

Glen on


Verbally ;-)

Anand on


Try using eggs

dewooded on


First I would hand them documents on how to cook an omelet. Then I would show them how it is done and after that coach them as they try it for themselves, going over mistakes as they happen or praise during moments of enlightenment.

Alan on


I would direct them to an internet search engine and suggest they figure it out for themselves, just like I did!

Jim on


First, if I had the chance to talk to the person wanting to make the omelet, I'd ask, "Have you made an omelet before?". That person's answer to determine what I'd do next. If I couldn't meet the person, I'd try to find out if they had a computer. If they did, I'd tell them to use their favorite search engine plus YouTube to find instructions and a video demonstration. If I couldn't have any contact with the person, I'd suggest that the person either use the internet tools I mentioned, go to a local library and look for a relevant cookbook, or find someone they know who's made an omelet to help him/her.

jake3_14 on


Very Carefully

Gourmand on


omelet is already cooked..

Rizwan Khan on


@ dileep....Looking at your blog site, have you ever had an egg omelet in your lifetime? The one dish, at the beginning of the blog, looks like a scene from the movie "Alien".

Ripley on


Firstly i will give him the step to cook. after all they don't get it i will go to him and cook with him.

Avnish on


Obviously if I want to eat an omelette and am asking some one else to make it for me. I would ask him/her to beat well three eggs in a bowl; then finely mince onion, tomato and chilly- one of each, two florets of cauliflower, and two mushrooms. Heat a tsp oil in a non stick pan, saute the ingredients in high flame, add two pinches of salt; spread the mixture evenly, add the beaten eggs, turn down the flame and cover the pan for three minutes. An yummy omelette is ready for me! Of course I will tell him/her that egg, oil, pan and fire are primary , rest including salt is optional and to taste and open to experiment.

Nandita Nag on


I would confirm their capabilities, confirm what type of omelet they wanted, and confirm the risks. Then design the solution based on their needs, the desired result, and the risks involved.

Anonymous on


Ask my wife. :-)

Joe on


First I would congratulate them on an excellent choice, ask them what ingredients they proposed, then confirmed their need for my assistance. If they had the ingredients and were certain, I would let them cook it. If they had never done it before, I would take them through the ingredients and the steps until they were comfortable to procced, and then congratulate them on their first perfect omelette when completed

Tim Pilon on


Refer them to my blog

Dileep on


I am a vegetarian person so I would direct him some food made of green vegetables

Pranay Shah on


My first question would be if they had a computer. If so, I'd talk about the wonders of Google. If it was my job to answer that question, then I'd ask some probing questions to find out how much cooking experience they had before, what supplies they have on hand, and what they like in their omelette. Then based on their own abilities, I'd give simple clear directions. I excel in simplifying, and have experience communicating with children and the disabled. If I didn't know how to make an omelette, I'd look it up myself, while asking those questions, so that I could assist them that way.

Michelle on


refer them to my blog

dileep on


Go and ask your mom or your Aunt...

Sylvia on


For the quickest way to achieve this task, I would ask the coworkers if any of them made omelets for breakfast. Next, based on coworker confidence, quick response, and amount of ingredients that they used for the filling, then i would make my choice for teacher. I would assign that employee the task of teaching the individual on how to make an omelet. Assigning the task shows leadership skills, and that is what they are looking for in the first place. My job is to sample the omelet, and to see how well the teacher and the individual did in instructing and following the directions. Or, just give that person $50 to go to the local diner. Knock on the back door, and talk to the cook. Have him offer the cook the money, for him to teach the individual how to make an omelet. When the individual is hired, I would deduct the $50 from his/her paycheck, saying that it was just a loan for their skills training. I personally would not do this to anyone, just so I can have a title with the word "ANAL" in it.

Raven on

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