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How would you feel if you were 100% of plan and put on


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Sounds like a new plan needs to be developed.

Interview Candidate on Jan 11, 2012

Yes, this interview is extremely telling. thrity percent on notice for supposed performance issues, which are not real, they are contrived. You will feel helpless as you watch your manager create and distort your performance. The goal is to move you out. Chances are good your manager who isdistorting your performance and busy moving you out will be under the same corrective action process.
Strange secretive organization which is ultimately failing in the marketplace versus competitors.

WARNING on Jan 16, 2012

All true and very accurate. Evaluation system has created a nonproductive environment. Amazing how the managers tasked with putting their people on corrective action sell them out. And it is true, they create very bogus performance critique. It is truly shocking. I have seen instances where the manager himself cutting someone out is then within months, pushed out the door. Hilarious. This organization will be the most disfunctional you will ever work for. The underlying current is so real you can feel it there.
There strategies to gain market share are just as equally inept and inneffective. Channel distribution favors competitors. Sad because products are very good and can compete, however they don't in many parts of the country because of incompetent management and flawed ineffective strategies attempted year after year!. It clearly is a throw it against the wall for a couple of years and see if it sticks!

Agree w WARNING on May 24, 2012

This posting explains a lot! My hiring manager didn't reveal how many were on notice (corrective action) at any one time and it didn't occur to me to ask. In my position, distributors say eight new faces in ten years.

The Bird is the one place I've seen where you can be 100% of plan and be put on notice and once on notice, getting off (aka corrective action) is unlikely. That question should be warning to all. You can do the job and still be put on notice with little understanding as to why.

exrbguy on Aug 27, 2012

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