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How would you handle a situation with a disgruntled customer


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If you are asked, "How would you handle a disgruntled customer or how would you deal with a difficult co-worker?" You want to answer with a story that proves how you managed this in the past.

A short simple story that simply states; here's the situation, here's how I assessed the unhappy persons issues and found out what the challenges were they were facing, here's the plan that I created, here are the first steps that I took to address their concerns. If that didn't work out, which likely it didn't, here then are the second steps that I took to address those concerns. Here are the third steps that I took to address those concerns, and ultimately here's how the situation resolved itself effectively.

A short simple story that shows you were able to think about the situation, understand the persons concerns, took action to correct for them, and were able to produce results. This will demonstrate that you really can handle these types of situations well.

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