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Quality Assurance Engineer Interview New York, NY

Hypothetical question: you have a team of ten software

  developers that have worked on a product for 5 years. They now have to develop a new version of this application but only have 3 months to develop and test it. What would the QA estimate be?

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This was my favorite question as it completely illustrated how bad these guys were at interviewing. I began to ask the manager that asked the question for more information and he snapped back at me " You have all the information you need!"

Really? He might as well have asked me how much it costs to build a house. Because the answer would be the same - "I need more info and detail in order to give you my estimate". Any QA worth their salt will asks tons of questions in order to understand what it is they are working on.

In the end I told the panel that if I had worked on the product or similar products I would base my estimate on prior experience. If I had no prior experience I would research historical metrics from similar projects and also discuss those historical project actual development/test hours with other QA and developers to come up with an estimate.

Interview Candidate on Jul 5, 2015

I said
"Rather than answering with the standard 'I will need more information' 'lets make it less hypothetical.
"'Before I can give you an answer I will need to gather more information from your people'. This gives the interviewer an out when they don't have any additional information, and you the chance to get the information you need"

Converting from 'Hypothetical' to 'Real' helped make my answer stand out from other candidates. It also made it harder for the interviewer to return with the Hypothetical "you have all the information you need"

Tom Kleinecke on Jan 23, 2017

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