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Dynamic Team Member Interview Chicago, IL

I absolutely "hate" this type of question that so many

  people like to use during job interviews: Do you have experience working in a dynamic work environment? I know so many Companies\Hiring Managers like to have "dynamic" people, but the people asking these questions have no idea that a person's personality type directly influences the type of work they will excel at. (Sort of goes against hiring the best people for the job, huh?)These same people believe, there's only really two types of work environments: 1.) those that are dynamic 2.) ...and those that are not These people also believe that a good work environment is one that is dynamic all of the time. I understand that a company needs to be willing to change, and have workers that are willing and able to effectively. Incisent is the epitomy of a dynamic company that is constantly changing because it has no direction, and is so focused on so many different things that it can never complete anything at the best of its ability. Everybody needs to realize that having a dynamic work environment shouldn't be the number goal. Everybody should take the time to understand the different types of personalities and how that drives work environments. Maybe even read up about the following and find out what work environment your personality is suited to: -Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the 16 different personality types this instrument reports. Find out how this information is used to help individuals make career-related decisions. -"6 Personality and Work Environment Types" and the work done by John Holland I ,for one, would not characterize the work environment at Incisent as active and ever changing.

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