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Software Engineer Interview Los Angeles, CA

I can't go into details about the problems. But I wish I

  had studied my graph algorithms a little more closely. Make sure you know your big-O algorithm classifications. Almost every interviewer asked me something to do with that.

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Can you provide the books, authors, links to study that you recommended to read, in this article.

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2014

Here are a few links that were helpful:

And some books that I found helpful:
 - Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann (
 - The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven S. Skiena (
 - Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job by John Mongan and Noah Suojanen (Sorry don't have a link handy)
 - Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley (Again, no link. I imagine Amazon or Barnes & Noble would be a good bet)
 - Cormen/Leiserson/Rivest/Stein: Introduction to Algorithms

Anonymous on Apr 16, 2014

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