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ETL Interview(Student Candidate) Illinois City, IL

I found every last question they asked me on this site

 !! "tell me about a time..." Just be sure to use the STAR method. Tell the situation, the actions you took and remember the results! Always use examples that show your leadership! Be comfortable, and confident, sit up straight, rest your arms on the arm rest if you don't know what to do with your hands so that you appear confident. Try and lead the conversation that puts them in the position to do most of the talking and shows that you are really interested. (Ask most of the questions) OH, have good questions to ask at the end. When you see that they are elaborating on the job and what it offers and side barring that's usually a good sign. Just make the experience a good conversation. I took the assessment, always answer with strong agree strong disagree! DO NOT tell the truth (sadly) answer as if you were NED FLanders! Ex, No, I dont know thieves( saying you know someone who steals says that you hang with them and you might be one) Yes, I like big crowds! Yes, I like ppl to bother me while I'm working! etc. Stay consistent with your responses. They use a red, yellow, and green method. As long as you are in the yellow and green you're fine. I was told that salary was 49k-52 for entry level etls. I plan to negotiate ( Look up "the briefcase effect tips on negotiating) BE PREPARED! What every you don't know google it!

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