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Digital Design Engineer Interview(Student Candidate) Somerset, NJ

I found most of the questions pretty simple. I am

  categorizing all the questions below for reference. 1. Latches - Flip Flops 1. Basic operation 2. Setup and hold time - especially for latch 3. Meta stability 4. Code in verilog 5. How to avoid unintentional latches 7. Problems with SR latch and how are they solved 2. FIFO 1. Constraints on reading and writing pointer 2. Size of fifo for given input and output frequencies 3. FIFO for data and address buses 4. How to synchronize? 3. Design 1. Asynchronous and synchronous reset in Flip Flops 2. Data(D1) following data(D) while going low (asynchronous) but synchronous with clock while going high 3. ADC Design 4. Sensitivity list - if missed what is implication on gate level simulation 5. Clock by three 4. DFT 1. Explain DFT 2. Scan Chains and Scan FFs 3. Fault models 4. Delay fault 5. Testing of two clock counters by adding logic in between to reduce overall time. (First counts from 0 to 255. For every 256 counts in first seconds increments its counter by 1.) 5. Verification 1. Test plan 2. Assertions 3. Coverage - when will you stop verification 4. Layered test bench 5. Randomization 6. Difference between rand and randc. 7. where is randc used? - decoder verification 8. Classes and objects 7. Computer Architecture 1. Explain stages of pipeline 2. Cache design 3. Associativity of cache 8. ASIC 1. Explain ASIC flow 2. Explain DRC and LVS 3. Explain synthesis script 1. Constraints 2. Goals 3. clock 4. setup and hold time
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