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Teacher Interview El Paso, TX

I had to hand fill out an application, which I thought was

  alittle odd at an interview since I had already provided an online resume. I was asked about 10 questions from the director (by herself.) Most dealt with how I would help a struggling reader. What questions would I ask the student to see that he/she understood what he/she read. Would I be more comfortable teaching math or reading and what my experience was with both of those. Then toward the end of the interview, she dropped the bombshell. The pay for this job was $8 per hour!! They want a certified teacher and want to pay them $8 an hour. Then the director threw in the fact that they offer discounts for teacher's own children if they need tutoring. I thought this was insulting. So, I'm supposed to tutor other students for close to minimum wage, AND bring my own child in for someone else to tutor, and pay for that. The sad thing is, there are teachers hard up enough to accept this pay. I'm not one of them. I'm educated and certified and have worked hard to get where I am. Sylvan should be ashamed of themselves offering a rate like this. I would assume the turn over rate to be incredible.

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