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I have a log that consists of more than 100 million lines

 . Each line is just a data about user login, login time, etc. I want to sort them based on user login, and then if there is a tie based on login time, etc. However, I have limited memory, so don't think of storing all of them in an array. The memory can only hold n data where n is much smaller than 100 millions. You can access the disk though although it is much slower. How will you do it so that it is as efficient as possible?
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hint: the memory can only hold n data, use them wisely.

Interview Candidate on Aug 29, 2009

we can solve this problem using n^2 complexity time
we scan the whole enters to find the smallest value and we do that in a for loop

its complexity is bad, n square
anyone knows better answer?

Anonymous on Oct 15, 2009

how about using hash table?

Anonymous on Oct 27, 2009

Use an external mergesort http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_sorting

Anonymous on Oct 27, 2009

hash table

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2010

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