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I'm going to give you a scenario just to see how you think. If you had an employee approach you after not being promoted, although they said they were promised the promotion, what would you do?

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The first thing I have to ask is why didn’t they get it and what did I know about it? Was there training or preparation that they missed and why? I would also find out when the next opportunity would be and how the employee can best prepare for the role and then help them so they can be considered.

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I’ll sympathize with that person and after, tell them “it shouldn’t put you down” . It just means to work harder and you have room for improvements and far as promises go remember promises were meant to be broken.”

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Take some time to think about your answer. I had never been in a situation like this before, so I just had to think about what would be appropriate and logical. Ask the employee to tell you what happened, ask if it's still possible for the employee to get the promotion, request to speak to the manger, find out if the manager had the authority to give the promotion, etc.

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