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Ecommerce/Coordinator Copywriter Interview Brooklyn, NY

I met with two people one on the marketing team and one on

  the ecommerce team. The lady in the marketing team seemed to be asking me great questions and really liked the project I put together for my interview. The director of Ecommerce however, came to my interview late and was very unorganized. He began to ask me very rude questions about my résumé such as, why i was only at my past internships for 6 months(internships usually last 3-6 months last time I checked) and if was I fired from my last job ( have some tact and ask me what happened at my last job instead of assuming I was fired.) then he asked me what I liked about Rainbow Shops clothing....seriously. I have a degree and 3 years ecommerce merchandising experience. What do I like about Rainbow Shops clothing shouldn't be a question at this position level. Then he left for a meeting and left me with the marketing manager. The corporate offices are in East NY Brooklyn, not the most safest place to work. With all that being said, this company should've been happier to see someone with my experience, background, and the fact that I hunted them down for an opportunity ready and willing to work for them and eager to help them start up their website. Which by the way still isn't up. The company is completely missing a huge market online by not having an online store, or even a blog when it's competitors have had an online store for years. I would not recommend any one to apply to the web copywriter & ecommerce positions. The HR department should train their executives who are conducting interviews. It's a waste of the candidates time as well as the companies time. You should consider bringing in a new ecommerce manager in order to launch your website and have an online presence. The manager has been there for two years and still doesn't have an online store. His time has expired.

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