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Operations Analyst Interview Richmond, VA

I was being hurried in the whole interview IMHO


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what does the "capacity" here mean?

Anonymous on Feb 5, 2014

Current Utilization per hour: (just use simple multiplication)
US: 400 agents make 6000 calls at a cost of $12000 (i.e. 1 call=$2.00)
Phil: 200 agents make 2000 calls at a cost of $3000 (i.e. 1 call=$1.50)
total cost/year = (12000+3000)(52x7x24)=$131,040,000
(and by the way that was for 8000 calls/hour at a ratio of 3:1)

Capacity per hour: (extrapolate up linearly from current utilization)
US: 600 agents make 9000 calls at a cost of $18000
Phil: 600 agents make 6000 calls at a cost of $9000

10MM more calls next year=10000000/(52*7*24)=1144.688644688644... more calls per hour
Next year then we are calling 8000+1144.688644=9144.688645 calls/hour
9000 calls/hour to US to maximize US capacity, leaving 144.688645 calls / hour for Philippines
total cost (using call ratios at beginning) with US at maximum capacity=
(18000+1.5*144.688645)(52x7x24) = $159,144,000

Bullied C1er on Aug 4, 2014

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