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If I need to make a cantilever beam 1mm thick and I only

  have 0.5mm sheet stock. How can I make a beam that has the same properties as the 1mm.

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You cut 1mm width strips and use the width as the thickness.

Interview Candidate on Sep 1, 2017

Not exactly, because the properties of the 1mm thick cantilever beam not only depends on the thickness but also on the other dimension but also on another dimension (ie length and breadth of the cross-section area if it is square) Hence we can use the second stock to have the same properties as first one provided the cross section dimension of the first beam is (0.5mm*1mm).

Amrith Rangan on Sep 8, 2017

same length but, 8 times width for inertia

YC on Feb 6, 2018

The width needs to be 4X greater on the .5mm thick beam to match the MoI

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2018

To get the same deflection, you can also reduce the length by half.

Anonymous on Sep 13, 2018

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