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Process Engineer Interview Durham, NC

If an ice cube melts in water, does the water level rise or

  fall? Explain with details.

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No, the water neither rises nor falls. The buoyancy of the ice does not affect the water level, it will raise the water level if you add ice to an already full glass of water, however because ice is lighter than the water (which is the oddity of water as an element versus other elements on the periodic table), the level stays the same.

G. on Jan 1, 2014

no, although the ice melts in a certain container if it is floating on a water the volume of ice is already condense on the water itself so water level will never change

benito biano on Feb 21, 2014

no, the water level will remain the same because the displacement of the ice cube is what determines water level,not the volume of the portion of the ice cube that is submerged.

Drinkologist on Jun 3, 2014

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