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Customer Service Representative Interview Hattiesburg, MS

If both a taxi and a limo were priced the exact same, which

  one would you choose?

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Interview Candidate on Sep 24, 2009

This is an easy one. They're looking for the answer that you'd choose the "Best Buy". It depends on the value of the deal. If both the taxi and limo are priced the same cheaply, I'd take the taxi because the limo is probably pretty trashy. If both the taxi and limo are priced the same expensively, I'd choose the limo because that is one overpriced taxi.

wildfire on Jan 13, 2010

wildfire assumes just because something is priced cheaply it's of inherent inferiority. I don't think this is what Best Buy (or any company that is price competitive) would want to hear. Simply choose the limo because it's a better value. You get more for your money.

Tim on Jan 13, 2010

I would further determine how long the trip time would be, whether I was a solo passenger and compare the quality of the two vehicles.

If you consider this question as it relates to the world of retail, when two retailers offer a product at the same price, which retailer would you choose? The answer would be, whoever offers the better service and buying experience.

Or you could prove yourself as green or frugal by saying I'd take a bike, and save the money.

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2010

It depends....
You might choose the limo if you were with a group or traveling a longer distance. (You value a more comfortable experience)
You might choose the taxi if you were alone, not traveling far or expected heavy traffic since the taxi would be better able to negotiate the crowded streets. (You value time more)
You might choose the next available if you were on a time budget and the other option were not immediately available.

It depends on the 'value cage' you are in at the moment of decision.

path walker on Jan 13, 2010

A taxi-even a big ol' Crown Vic retired cop car gets better mileage than a limo. Both will get me where I'm going in relative safety and comfort. Taking a limo is conspicuous consumption.

Eric on Jan 14, 2010

I like idea of pointing out that the taxi takes traffic better saving time and parking concerns. I would also point out that the limo would allow a desk/privacy for doing work while I traveled that wouldn't be available in the taxi (if a longer trip.) And of course if it is possible to travel with a group, allowing more work/socializing and would likely be more efficient per person travel than multiple taxes.

DareN on Jan 16, 2010

The limo is, in fact, the better value. However, at the same time, perception is reality. The people who see you in the limo don't know that it was the same price as the taxi. If you're traveling for pleasure, by all means take the limo. But if you're at all concerned about the image colleagues or potential clients will have, you have to go with the taxi.

Lauren on Jan 18, 2010

Assume: Both the taxi and the limo will be able to fit into parking spaces where I go.
Assume: The question is just being worded that way to take money out of the equation; it makes no inherent implications about quality.
Assume: I'm not on my way to Washington to plead for a bailout package.

If I'm feeling chatty, I pick the taxi. If I want to be alone, I pick the limo and roll up the window.

... WAIT! Am I buying it, or just taking a ride?

KC on Jan 18, 2010

This question doesn't surprise me coming from BB.

Assuming the vehicles are of standard quality, not a low quality limo or high quality cab (if such exists) the answer they would want is the Cab. By answering such you show to the thieves at BB that you can sell a lower quality item with a higher markup thus more profit.

This is of course coming from their side, if you approached it from the customer side you would say limo and not get the job because the markup wouldn't be as great and they wouldn't get the same cash from the transaction. Unless you told them you sold a service contract with the limo purchase, then you are IN!

MH on Jan 19, 2010

Whichever is available first, especially if it's raining.

LM on Jan 19, 2010

IMO the key thing to know is: Where does one you need to go in that taxi or limou? Both are good trandsportation products, but they are totally different. If you want to go wine tasting with a bunch of pals in Napa County, you won't take a taxi, nor will you use one to take your bride to your wedding reception after your nuptials. Figure out what the need is, then fit the product to the need.

NZ on Mar 21, 2016

Ask which one will get you there faster.. if they say the same speed then choose the taxi because it shows humility.

Anonymous on Jul 26, 2018

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