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Summer Analyst Interview Houston, TX

If you dip a 10x10 rubix cube in paint, how many cubes

  touched the paint?

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Interview Candidate on Jan 17, 2014

I'd like to add the procedure so people can apply it to other problems:

6 sides of the rubix, each with 100 cubes. Think about the number of unique cubes per side if you could paint each side separately. (10x10 unique cubes for the first two sides, 10x8 unique cubes for the next two sides, 8x8 unique cubes for the last two sides)

First two sides have 100 each: 200 cubes
Next two sides have 80 each: +160 cubes
Last two sides have 64 each: +128 cubes
                                                  = 488 total cubes touched the paint

Michael on Oct 29, 2016

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