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Portfolio Management Group-Fixed Income Analyst Interview San Francisco, CA

If you had 100 million dollars to do whatever with it you

  like, what would you do? Would you invest it? If so, what would be your first trade?

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My first investiment could be and 'investiment couse', the best ever.
So 50% in low risk investiments, 30% in middle risk investiments and 20% in high risk investiments.

Carlos Barini on Jan 4, 2011

Oh Carlos, how boring. I'd buy 100 million shares of Enron, then move the rest to my bank account.

Henri on Jan 11, 2011

I would have a chain of liquor stores in poor neighborhoods, buy properties, put 10% in CDs, and look to invest in tech companies that deal with renewable resources (solar,wind, water).

Juanita on Jan 12, 2011

Would Help Juanita expand her horizons!
#1 Investment: Myself! (Get out of Debt! and go on vacation!) #2 Buying Foreclosures, Flipping them and Incorporating as a Rental Property Company #3 Investing Those Proceeds #4 Buy my own Land, Build my Own House to which will run on renewable resources! #5 Donate To many charities that support our environment, our animals, and nothing to do with humans! #6 Live Comfortably, Humbly, and Happily!

Suz on Mar 4, 2012

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