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If you have 9 balls and 1 is heavier you have a balance

  whats the fewest amount of times you have to use it to find the heavier ball.

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Interview Candidate on Jan 29, 2013

1.make two group contain 4 each.if it equal the rest one is heavier
2.if it is not equal,take that group make 2 groups each containing 2 balls
3.if not equal make another division 100% sure you will get heavier ball
thank u

kashiram on Mar 12, 2013

2 --> make three group of three each, and then if equal means the remaining 3, if one heavy, we know it, so we will have only 3, then for second time we put 1 in each, so if equale, it's the third one, if no we know which one

Anonymous on Oct 16, 2015

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