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Software Engineer Interview(Student Candidate) Boxborough, MA

If you have a square room with no roof, and you had four

  flagpoles you had to plant on the walls so that each flagpole touched two walls, how would you do it?
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paint one half of the flag pole on one wall and the other half on the other wall, so that you are touching two walls.

lola duke on Dec 7, 2012

Not sure if this would be allowed, but I thought put each flagpole horizontal instead of vertical. Then they are fixated to the wall and touch two sides (assuming the flagpoles are long enough).

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2012

The answer was that by planting them on the corners, each one is touching two walls because each corner is part of two walls.

I wanted to pierce two walls with a pole horizontally too. They said it was an innovative solution.

Anonymous (Original Poster) on Jan 7, 2013

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