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If you have a three gallon jug and a five gallon jug No

  marks on either one The goal is to fill the five gallon jug with four gallons of water How is this accomplished?
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Take 5 gal. and pour into the 3 gal.
The 5 now has 2 gal.
Empty the 3 gal, and pour the remaining 2 gal into the 3 gal.
Fill the 5 gallon and pour 1 gal. (which is the remainder of the space in the 3 gal.)
This gives you 4 gal.

Interview Candidate on Mar 18, 2009

that was from die hard 3.

1) fill up the 3 and pour it into the 5.
2) fill up the 3 and fill up the rest of the 5. that leaves 1 in the three.
3) dump out the 5.
4) pour the 1 that's left in the three into the 5.
5) fill up the 3 again and pour it into the 5.

see - easy peasy. might be a bit rougher if solving it is necessary to stop a bomb from blowing up the city. mclain and samuel L got it done.

Smart Guy in Chicago on Apr 30, 2009

1) Fill up half of 5 gal (2.5 gal) from 3 gal jug
2) Fill up half of 3gals jug(1.5 gal) and pour into 5gal jug

2.5 + 1.5 = 4gal

Intelligent from London on Dec 6, 2009

Die Hard 2 also has the solution to this question.

Cryptic in Portland on Jan 19, 2010

there are actually 4 die hards, which is why you two are confused.
1. the classic big LA building he runs through glass
2. the airport based one
2*. the new york fed gold gets stolen (die hard with vengence) -- THIS is the one with the water puzzle.
3. the newest die hard where the stop lights get taken over etc, live free die hard i think

Mr. 1337 on Jan 31, 2012

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