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Project Manager Interview London, England (UK)

If you have an interview with Barclays, you have to be

  expected to dig into every single emotional aspect of your life, no matter how hard it was for you. If your mother died and you were depressed about it, they will use this against you to reduce the salary; by this I mean every single event of your life, they will ask you questions to reveal how your life was and challenge you. Also, expect that things are suddenly changed at any moment. In my case, they said you will do manager job at manager salary and received an offer for director job at analyst salary. They have in place a perfect intelligence system to investigate every single aspect of your life, to accomodate anything they can to their benefit, no matter if this affects you emotionally or financially. The company's number one objective is to maximise their money, so don't expect to receive a fair salary. If you want to work there think carefully before making such decision as this can significantly affect your life. This was a very long and exhausting process that at the end was really a waste of time due to their exclusive focus on paying the least possible.

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