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If you were designing an elevator system with 2 elevators

  for a 20 story office building, what would you set the elevators to do. Followup of what would you do if it was an additional 10 or 20 floors, what would you do if you had an additional elevator.

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Simple answer, go up and down. My answer was I would set the elevators to prioritize going up during times of influx into the building, and down when people were leaving. At all times, the elevators would when moving in one direction responding to a call would move past the floor that called them by up to 15 floors if there was another call for the elevator moving in the direction the first call made. For example, worker1 places a call to leave the building on floor 6, worker 2 soon after presses the down button on floor 10. If the elevator is currently resting below level 6, it would pass 6 on the way up to reach 10, pick up worker2, then travel down to level 6 to pick up worker1. It would do the same in reverse. with a 3rd elevator, I would shorten the levels that it would pass the initially called floor by to 10.

Interview Candidate on May 28, 2012

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