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Imagine that you are a PM at [big software company], and

  you are assigned to build [business process] software for [small business vertical]. How would you measure success?

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I got overwhelmed by diving into the complexity of this business process. Stay at a high level and abstract out the details for a later date.

Interview Candidate on Jan 28, 2015

I would rate success by 1 - how many customer bases/groups tried the program and kept on using the software. Secondly and most importantly, how many of the features the customers use and frequency of use. I say the latter is important because my opinion says ease of access and a great user interface make the best of anything.....

Anonymous on Feb 5, 2015

If by using the software product the business unit has gained anything, which in turn motivating them to bring more users to the software, is an indication that the probable purpose of making the very software is fullfilled.

Anonymous on Apr 23, 2016

A very simplistic answer is success is when I meet the goals I set for the product. however a more elaborate answer would::

Typically I would think that success should equate success for my stakeholders or my customers. lets breakdown who the stakeholders are in this process.

My Org/Company - products are built to further company goals so success should translate to goals of the company
> Revenue goals
> Acquisition goals

Buyers of my software - products should solve a problem for them (helping them design their process)
> Usage, Repeat purchase, NPS # of processes designed, # of complaints are all metrics to measure health of software use
> Qualitatively - through feedback etc one can get a sense of if the buyer feels value in our product and that's a key ingredient of success.

Team success
> at the end of the day your team is one that helps deliver on the product. the team could deliver on the product but then feel so burnt out or have a terrible experience that they may not want to work on the next iteration - although this does not contribute to product success it's not something
> other way to look at it is to see did we launch it in time within budget etc ?

> if the products are offered by resellers, you can track their individual metrics as well.


From a financial perspective a measure of success can be

> are we tracking per the business plan ?
> what's our acquisition cost ?
> how much did we spend to build the product?

Operational perspective

> are we incurring more supply chain, servicing costs.

the key in my view is that success is not a single # - although one can always roll up to a # that can be a proxy for all others but an appreciation of how and what success means for everyone in the value chain is important to help answer the question what is success.

Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue << framework is also a good way to think about answering this question

Rahul on May 27, 2016

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