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ARC Analyst Interview Mumbai (India)

In a dark room, you have a stack of cards in which 10 cards

  face upwards. These are randomly distributed in the stack. How would you split the cards into two parts such that both have equal number of cards facing upwards?

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Take top 10 cards and flip them over (Both stacks contain 10-x cards facing upwards where x is the no. of cards facing upwards when the top 10 cards were initially taken)

Interview Candidate on Feb 24, 2014

Hi, I read your answer to the question but am not able to understand this. Can you pls elaborate on this? Thanks

Mojo on Mar 16, 2014

Oh i got it! No need to explain

Mojo on Mar 16, 2014

How can you see cards in Dark room?????????

YoYo on Mar 21, 2014

I will switch on the lights and will see the cards.Why will I play with my cards in a dark room?

Anonymous on Apr 6, 2016

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