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Applications Support Engineer Interview(Student Candidate) Lafayette, IN

In addition to the questions posted in this forum: Math

 : (elementary) 1. Partial fraction expansion 2. Solve an ODE Programming: (everything... C/C++/Java) 1. Global and local scope 2. What is Generics in Java? 3. What are JDK and JRE? 4. Nested try blocks 5. Tricky things about String and StringBuffer MATLAB: (most tricky part, really unpredictable) 1. Change the color of a data line in the figure using code 2. MATLAB Profiler 3. Debug using code (dbstop) 4. Advantages of preallocation using zeros(n,1) 5. Does this code work: A = 0; for k = 0:10 A(k) = i * i; end disp(double(A)) Fix it and then give the output. Control Theory: (pretty elementary) 1. Phase compensators 2. Why poles in OLHCP make system unstable 3. IRC circuit to ODE

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