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Marketing Officer Interview Toronto, ON (Canada)

In addition to the typcial question of: - Tell me about

  yourself - Why did you apply for this postion - What skills do you feel you woud bring to this position The gave a bunch of behavioral type questions where I was asked to describe a sitation, the action I took to solve the issue, and the outcome of my efforts. eg. Describe to us some example of actions you have taken to encourage and support open communciation and sharing of expertise and experience amongst members of a team. What were the specific situations and how did you determine which approach to try? How did you assess the success of your efforts aferwards? What was the response of the team members in each case? e.g. Tell us about a time when you have challenged the status quo, for example existing business plans or processes, in order to identiry and or seize a business opportunity e.g. Tell me about a time when you identified a new, unusual or different approach to addressing a problem or task. What made your approache new? How did it solve the problem and how did you measure its effectiveness?

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