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In the first interview step, they will be blunt and as

  general as possible with their questions. You have the benefit of choosing what device you want to mock-sell, so choose wisely. If you choose a Mac, they will ask you: "Why is it better?" "Why shouldn't I just get a better PC?" "Can I do everything I can on a PC on a Mac?".
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Don't rattle off specifications or technical jargon; that's not what Apple is about. Instead, state the facts about how where other computers fail, Macs succeed. Talk about the longer turnover rate of a Mac. Talk about the international warranty it comes with, how you can walk into any Apple Store on the planet, and you will get service. Emphasize the fact that when you buy a Mac, you get everything that should be standard, but isn't always for other computers(speakers, microphones, WIFI capability, bluetooth, etc.). Remember that Mac OS X comes with Boot Camp, and can also run Parallels & VMWare, so if a customer really wants Windows, they can still have that.

Interview Candidate on Aug 9, 2012

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