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Service Reliability Engineer Interview Sunnyvale, CA

In the second stage a phone interview the following

  situation was presented: You have 5 Apache web servers sitting behind a load balancer. They are pegged as far as load and are not responding to page requests within agreed to SLAs. Tell me the steps you'd take to debug the problem.
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After providing steps and asking questions we went through the failure tree (Network issue, recent change in software or configuration, Denial of Service attack, unusually high traffic, and the steps used to determine this, DMESG, TOP, examining server logs, (all of these did not show the problem). I ended with a possible problem with network attached storage or no access to common database.

I felt I gave an excellent answer but at the end of the interview felt I only had a 50/50 chance of getting the job. I did get it. I thought the job was well within my capabilities, but he contract was terminated after 5 weeks, before the basic training for the job was completed, without warning or explanation.

I would not work for or apply to this company again. Their treatment of contract employees is execrable in my opinion, and just stupid. Why hire people for 5 weeks, give them no indication of how they are performing, then hire new people and let the ones you have already in training go?

Interview Candidate on May 10, 2013

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