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Know parts of a transformer, how it works, basics


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Main parts would be the primary and secondary winding's, the core (can be iron, ferromagnetic, etc.) and the structure which surrounds the transformer. The winding's takes one voltage and transforms it to another (depending on the number of winding's on the primary and secondary, could be step up or step down). The coils are insulated from each other and also the core so there is no unintended shorts that could destroy the transformer. The core is used to contain the magnetic fields produced so they are more aligned with the core. This strengthens the magnetic field lines and like I mentioned previously, aligns the produced magnetic field lines for more efficient transformation of the voltage (i.e. so there is less loss of power from primary to secondary winding's). This winding's and its core is enclosed by some sort of structure with a cooling system which is usually a coolant oil that dissipates the heat produced by the transformer safely. The structure itself has a number of features like a radiator, relay, etc.

Bob on Jun 26, 2015

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