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Let's say we wanted to implement an Amazon Mayday like

  feature in Gmail. How would that work?

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This is how I'd answer it:

"First, I want to clarify Amazon Mayday. From what I understand, it is a feature that connects you to live help on demand.If a user needs help, they click the "Mayday" button and they're connected to support. Is that how you are envisioning it?

Ok great - so based on that, what we're trying to solve is a way for users who are stuck to get help. The first thing I'd envision is a clear icon that's positioned clearly in the page. Ideally, I'd like to experiment with it in various places, but let's just assume it is prominently displayed. I'd also add a hover to the element to let the user know what it did.

When clicking the button, the user should connect to a person over a Google hangout. That person will then help them with their issue. Since gmail is an international product, and Google has language settings, the person should be fluent in the language that the user has set. If needed, they should also speak english to fall back.

The hangout would open, and the support person would ask the user (in their language) how they could help. Since not everyone has audio capabilities, the support person can also type in text. If possible, the connection should detect if audio is available when it is initiated.

 In order to help, they would be able to take over the user's screen, but because of the sensitivity of email, they should inform the user they can see their screen as well as ask permission before performing actions. At any time, the user can choose to end the call.

At the end of the call, the user should be given the option to rate the person. To keep it less intrusive, keep the scale simple: maybe a serious of 5 faces, progressing from unhappy to extreme happy. Those ratings can then be used to improve the pool of helpers. The amount of highly satisfied users would be a success metric for the product.

So to summarize:
-We add an icon to the UI
-Clicking the icon opens a hangout
-The hangout can be text or ideally voice, in the user's language
-The "helper" on the hangout assists the user through their issue, able to see their screen and the actions they take, as well as being able to control the user's screen if needed
-At the end of the session, the helper is rated to make sure service quality is high

Is there any aspect you'd like me to drill into?"

Anonymous on Mar 30, 2015

mayday for GMAIL ? I bet not that many people use mayday on amazon --- Gold platting .

lol on May 7, 2015

I would structure it as follows:

Clarify - MayDay if you are not aware - MayDay allows you to reach a customer support agent via Video at the click of the button who can tell give you a clue on how to use various features.

With Google one has to remember that there is a whole enterprise business so my next Q would be

Is it for Enterprise business ? so that an employee can MayDay their customer service desk ?
Or is it for for employees/customers to reach Google directly?

Depending on the use case > one can go about identifying

> Who are the users?
> What are their current pain points ? what's the use case
> What are some of the examples in this marketplace around video support - what can we learn from them.


The main key with Gmail would be on how would you operationalize it - the # of Fire devices are paltry compared to Gmail users and that too if you account for international users.

Maybe a MayDay for Gmail could be MayDay your friends your colleagues your IT department or get a paid support through a marketplace as it would probably be illogical for google to pay if folks actually start calling.

Rahul on May 30, 2016


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