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Like he said, he didn't know how to interview people, and

  was just realizing it was a skill. So he just started asking definition after definition, slowllllllly.... "Have you ever heard of OOP?" ... then you say Yes then he asks "Well, what is it?" Then about every 5 minutes he'd ask "Are you sweating yet?"
total joke; waste of time

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Screener seemed self-taught, as he was amused at the SOLID acronym. I told him I remember it being a pseudo-intellectual acronym without much to it -- it's something one might observe if one doesn't use an object modeling technique or is not very good at design. This was lost on him. He wanted the exact letters -- S T U P I D. And he kept reminding me he was sorry for not having read my resume... WASTE OF TIME - UNPROFESSIONAL

Interview Candidate on Sep 30, 2013

This is the recruiter that doesn't know nor care that his tech screeners are unprepared. I told him by email and phone and his response was basically "Wow, that's too bad."

Perfect example of the problem plaguing IT hiring: lazy HR, and nobody monitoring them.

Sergio Longoria on Oct 18, 2013

Steve Lynn is the "self-taught" person who did the screening. Why on earth does Sergio or anybody have Steve doing tech screens? I know about SOLID and it is common sense but it is also hotly debated because it is full of contradictions or poor words.

But yes, Steve only have an arts degree in programming from 1988. He got it from the biggset party school in Texas: ASU. Why they have him screening out senior candidates is a little far-fetched.

Steve Lynn on Nov 1, 2013

Sergio is not bad but pretty lazy. Nobody monitors what he does... kinda lazy. Not surprised he messes up the IT the department.

Sergio on Nov 1, 2013

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