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Database Engineer Interview Saint Louis, MO

Most all of the questions asked were not really relevent to

  day-to-day DBA/DBE operations. For example, one question asked was how the database model changed when a recovery was performed -- the model shouldn't change, it should be as the model was when the backup was done -- but he wouldn't accept that answer. Another asked how I would troubleshoot a performance problem. As I mentioned methodolgies and tools I would use, SQL Nexus, Profiler, DMVs, etc., the interviewer took all of them away until there was nothing practical left to use, then insisted that I tell him more. I think he may have been taken back a bit when I indicated that if he wasn't going to allow me to use any of the tools I know, that I would leave the client stuck with their own performance problem -- frankly, if the DBA/DBE and client can't work together, using tools that make sense and solve problems, why bother? I really do hope their work environment isn't that way...

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