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Flight Attendant Interview Charlotte, NC

My best advice, do your homework. The recruiting staff was

  SOOOOOOO nice. They said, "welcome to the family" and it did feel like a family. Good luck, I hope this helps someone.

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Will this interview process be different from the customer service agent. I applied, now waiting on a response. But this was so helpful and informed. I have a great personality and use to act. So the participation would have been up my ally. lol congrats and hopefully I can ace this just like you did.

Anonymous on May 5, 2013

forgot my name.

Hope4flying on May 5, 2013

I just went through this Interview process in CLT last week ,and must I say that everything that this person described was head on. Im proud to say that I passed the interview process, and and was hired. If you follow everything that he said you shouldn't have a problem. However i will say that by far hands down this is the most hardest and toughest interview i have ever had to go through.

US Airways FA in Training on May 14, 2013

Thank you for being very informative

I'm invited to the meeting and they are flying me out to Charlotte next week
My question is if they offer me the position
Do I return back home after my interview or do I start the training right after?
Are they paying accommodation? Food beverage during my training? How long is e training? How soon will they put you at your first commercial flight?
Please advise as I'm getting ready for my orientation next week


New Flight Attendant on Jul 25, 2013

New Flight Attendant,

I am going to the same training! :) I heard after the interviewing process they send you home before you go off to training. One person said she was sent home for a month before training.

NP on Jul 25, 2013

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