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My clock is 9 minutes slow every hour. At noon, it tells

  the correct time. After how many hours will it again tell the correct time?

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80 hours.

Anonymous on Mar 1, 2012

Let us suppose that we have 2 different clocks with the faulty one completing 51 mins in an hour.

-the two clocks will again show the same time when the lag time = 12 hours
for 1 iteration=>lag time =9 mins
for getting a lag time of 12 hours no of iterations needed = 12*60/9=80
one iteration means 1 hour so the next time the clocks will be in sync= 80 hours

time at that point=8:00 PM

Hardeep on Mar 7, 2012

if it is analog it takes 40 hours (6 hours late, and 6 hours passed) if it is digital 80 hours.

ektor on Sep 12, 2012

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