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Name 3 previous Nobel Prize Winners


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it is same as the previous 6 of upcomng 3

Kaushal Chawda on Jan 13, 2013

Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler both won Peace Prizes. Marie Curie for Physics.

Jeremy on Jan 17, 2013

Adolf Hitler never won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Susan on Jan 17, 2013

Richard Feinemen, Milton Freidman, Oram Pamut

robert on Jan 17, 2013

Obama, Obama, Obama. Did I mention Obama. If not, he'll tell you all about it.

Shane on Jan 17, 2013

I don't care what awards they won, they'd better have turned in their expense reports for the trip to Sweden on time.

jake3_14 on Jan 18, 2013

Chemistry: Mohamed Zoweil - Piece: Sadat - Art: naguib mahfouz

SH on Jan 19, 2013

I'd play an old debate/political trick and change the topic of the discussion by saying something like:

"That's a challenging question. Did you know the Nobel prizes were created by Alfred Nobel? A man who made a great fortune from armaments manufacturing and inventing dynamite? The means of his fortune weighed so heavily on him, he thought at his old age that he would only be remembered for war, munitions, and all the devastation his inventions and manufacturing caused. So he set about making a different name for himself. He drafted a new will that outlined the Nobel Prize process, and laureate rewards that accompany them. It's amazing that the name Nobel, once closely connected to the inventor of dynamite, an explosive used in untold millions of munitions, is now perhaps most famously recognized in the term "Nobel Peace Prize". That he changed the connection of his namesake from war to peace is truly incredible. And that his legacy has such long lasting, positive impact on world politics, science, and medicine. Wouldn't you agree?"

Jason on Jan 22, 2013

Would that be the Nobel Prize for outstanding work in the fields of peace, science, etc., or the Nobel Prize for outstanding work in the field of snake handling? Sure one gets all the press but the other gets all the girls down in the holler where I come from. I'm just saying, my cousin's friend's daddy Leroy, he won it three times. He's pretty much the best snake handler I know. Does that count?

Michael on Jan 23, 2013

Einstein, Al Gore, Mother Teresa would you like me to mention any more?

KS in NYC on Jan 23, 2013

You really need to think about what your answer to this communicates. If you answer MLK, Desmond Tutu, and Mother Theresa, you have communicated something to your interviewer that's different than if you answer Paul Samuelson, Milton Friedman, and Paul Krugman.

It's a very clever question. The candidate is tricked into thinking that his knowledge is being tested, when the interviewer is really trying to figure out what the candidate thinks is important in life.

Scott on Jan 24, 2013

marie curie,C.V Raman,Mother Teresa

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2013

Yes, which category?

Anon on Apr 21, 2013

I only remember two persons.. Albert Einstein and William Faulkner..

Gloria Fatima on Sep 7, 2013

Pablo Neruda, Malala, and the Red Cross. Demonstrate that you have varied interests by choosing different categories.

Anonymous on Mar 4, 2015

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