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Name 5 uses of a stapler without staple pins

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1. staple remover 2. paper weight 3. door stop 4. hammer 5. weapon

Andrew on


1) stapling papers together (Staplers don't use pins...they use staples). 2) hemming pants that are too long. 3) nailing co-workers to the cubical wall 4) melting it down and casting 25 mm figures for wargames 5) Sell it on Craigslist to someone that has staples but no stapler.

xmundt on


1. paper weight 2. wall decoration (Art work, Conversation piece, etc.) 3. spare parts for my working stapler 4. decoy stapler (for my co-workers to 'borrow') 5. parts for a desk catapult

Yianni on


1. To play a prank on someone by telling them there are staples in it. 2. Unfold and use to drag something small out of the space beside/behind a piece of furniture if you can't reach it. 3. Press on to paper the way you would if there were staples to add texture to a page. 4. Unfold and use the metal to cut the tape off of a new box of staples :-) 5. MAKE IT TALK LIKE A PUPPET!!!

Stephanie on


5 uses for a stapler without staple pins, huh? I would tell my interviewer that it could be used as a weight to hold down your papers, it could help level out an unsteady table, it could prop open a door, it could keep open a window that keeps closing, and i'd let them know that it is on retainer to meet other needs in the office as they come up.

Scott on


1. to hit people 2. as a paper weight 3. remove the spring from inside and use it for some mechanical purposes 4. to remove staple pins 5. to out a nail in the wall.

Anonymous on


What you have to understand that there is no stapler.....

They call me Mr Tibbs on


Looks like this company (EvaluServe) is in India. Isn't it possible that they call staples "pins" there, like how the British call elevators "lifts"?

DibblesMcPhee on


Me: Spring Loaded Catapult, Foldable Back Scratcher, Simulated Drum Kick stand, Controller for Hungry Hungry Papers, Office Jello Filling

Paul on


A great opportunity to take a walk around the office 'to borrow some staples' and at the same time get to meet and talk to someone new/you've always wanted to talk to, and explore a new opportunity (preferably a bit bigger than where the next staples are coming from). Repeat 5 times :-)

Niall on


I agree with xmundt that staplers use staples not pins. Duh!

Mr Guy on


Staplers don't use staple pins. A stapler without STAPLES would be a problem. Even with staples (or "staple pins") I think the stapler barely has six uses.

bjohnson on


1. Hammer 2. Toy flip phone 3. Nutcracker 4. fake taser (threaten co-workers) 5. paperweight (I do this...also with tape dispenser or coffee cup)

Anonymous on


i will sell out to some one & with that money i would buy 5 things for five uses

amit singh on


1)to staple 2)to remove staple 3)paper weight 4)use as ruler 5)we can compare angles 6)use as weapon 7)use as hammer 8)to call someone by making sound 9)doctors used for stitching 10)music instrument

Tejas Ambekar on


1. staple remover 2. paper weight 3. door stop 4. Insect Smasher/Hammer 5. Nut Craker

Saurav Kumar Dutta on


1. Nose hair puller 2. Alligator puppet toy 3. Mechanical Venus fly trap 4. Toe nail remover 5. The NEW Chinese finger puzzle 6 A new Pez dispenser for candy As an overachiever, I stopped at 6.

Raven on


I really like Niall's answer to walk around meeting people, learning what they do - using the need for staples (or staple pins, whatever they get called) as an excuse. I also really like xmundt's answer to make a profit (Craigslist) pairing up your deficient stapler with someone else's need (someone with staples, but no stapler).

Sue on


1.Tear an envelope 2.Music instrument 3.Toy Crane 4.To call someone(where talking is prohibited) 5.Switch on something when my fingers are paining

Baskar on


- door weight - castanet - plumb bob - tongs - fish scaller (scale both sides with one move) are few of many uses....

phaethon on


There are many uses of a Staple if there are no pins. But to see the real potential of the staple you need pins.

Mitesh S on


Many. But to see the real potential of staple you would need pins

Mitesh S on


I can think of a million uses for a stapler without pins, but I'm hard pressed to fine one use for a stapler without staples.

Mike G on


This question is designed to test the divergence of your thinking. They never mentioned the size or the material from which your stapler was made from. Maybe the stapler is 50 feet long and made of gold? Perhaps made of copper? Notice the repetitiveness of the answers posted. Expect the same in interview sessions from one candidate to the next. Always answer in a way you know they wouldn't expect you to answer. That'll leave your mark.

UWO on


1. Hammer 2. Tongs 3. Lever 4. Weapon 5. Musical Instrument

JC on


I would ask, what kind of stapler is that like, size, length etc...and based on that I can decide what can I do with that. The one thing which is missing is - Create music, provider its of appropriate length.

jassi on


1. Paperweight 2. Door stop 3. Desk decoration 4. Hammer 5. Anal prob

Charles Ellis Bruce on


1. paperweight 2. stress reliever 3. prop to replay scenes from "The Office" 4. Insect smasher 5. Nut cracker

toadaly on


1. Door stop. 2. Use the stapler as collateral for a loan that you use to buy staples and operate the stapler (which is hopefully helps you pay of the loan in some way...) 3. To scrape off ice from your car window. 4. Bottle opener. 5. Pet Stapler.



I can use it to hit you in the... 1) head 2 hands 3) chest 4) back 5) junk

God on

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