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Financial Institution Specialist Interview Washington, DC

Name a change that you have faced (work or school). What

  steps did you take and what was the outcome? Name 2/3 strengths that you have when working with a team. Name a time when you faced a problem. What was the problem? What steps did you take to solve the problem and what was the ending result? Name a time when you had to analyze data? What did you analyze? How did you analyze it? What was the outcome?

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Be sure to answer ALL parts of the questions. You are allowed to write and you have plenty of time. Notes are taken from you before you leave the room.

Interview Candidate on Jun 4, 2013

What office did you get? Did you have choices?

Perkins on Sep 30, 2013

What was the writing like? Do they give you topics and you just start writing? Or do they give you several documents and you just write a summary of some sorts?
For the proofreading, was the material regular or was it something about the FDIC?

Student4FDIC on Dec 3, 2013

With the business analysis and the accounting ratios, do we focus more on balance sheet or income statement?

Student4FDIC on Dec 3, 2013

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