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Name a time you had a irate customer and what did you do


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I had this customer who would slam item on the counter, PUFF out air from her mouth with every word that came out of my mouth. When I (finally) finished scanning her items and after she ran her credit card through the keypad; I asked for the last four digits on her card. Well if looks could kill of course I wouldn't be here...she reluctantly gave it to me. And I completed the transaction. I was pleasant and smiled through this whole ordeal. And at the end thanked her and asked her to come back and see us. She stopped and said, "doesn't that just make you angry that you have to asked every customer that pays with a credit card that question?!" I said, "Ma'am it's my job" And I thanked her again. And she proceeded to remove all her items from the bags and stormed out. That was a good day. :)

Nicole on Jun 6, 2012

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