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Business Technology Analyst Interview Arlington, VA

No difficult questions. Know your SDLC. Know your technical

  stuff (if you are STEM major, like myself) , practice case interviews and you should be fine. I am quite sure what they really want is a personable person (this is super important) who knows their stuff. See below:
technical, behavioral, analytical, business case

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Please show enthusiasm and want to learn. Ask questions and treat the culture fit/behavioural interviews like an actual conversation, but at the back of your mind and ears listen for the questions the culture fit interviewer asks you in the midst of that conversation. By you answering one or 2 questions she can tell exactly who you are. Most likely a Partner or Principal of someone of senior status will be interviewing you here.

Technical questions are straight forward and easy if you know everything and anything you put on YOUR resume.

Finally be friends with your recruiting coordinator. He or she would be advocating for you and all.

Interview Candidate on Jul 14, 2014

Let me add this:
According to my recruiter all the interviews are important, however they do kinda sorta have a hierachy to them in levels of importance.
Culture/Fit > Technical > Case
Practice all 3 really well. Culture is easier and but its also very easy to mess up on it, however its also the most important. Showcase everything that's impressive about you there, while being modest and conversational. Handle your technical interview properly...Its likely the most easier, because its simply knowing your resume inside out and answering questions like some sort of oral exam. Case is the hardest, especially if you havent done one before and you dont really think like them...However use the resources on Deloitte's website for BAs and BTAs (they have practice cases somewhere with complete answers and thought process). They helped me.

Take all this with a grain of salt, as your situation may differ from mine. Be prepared...DC is a really a technical and behavioural place though.

Good luck & See you at Deloitte!!

Interview Candidate on Aug 8, 2014

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