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Satellite Systems Engineer Interview Denver, CO

None of the questions were overly difficult. There were a

  few basic behavioral ones and minor clarification about my background. The interviewer led the questions a bit (which I didn't expect, but this did make things even easier). I didn't feel that the questions gave a complete picture of my experience and me, so I wound up adding a lot to the interview by leading my own inputs and drawing from the discussion to mention more about myself. She seemed to like this, however, it did draw out the interview process a lot longer than I would have prefered. I didn't have a resume that matched the KSA's exactly, however, I did have a strong referral, and I did my best to clarify my experience and attributes that would translate well. Despite being "entry level" in experience (despite years in a slightly differrent field), I was given a position as a level-2 employee (still entry-level, but considered a big jump up from brand-new.) I think this is fair, as I'm essentially changing career fields and don't have a lot of experience in the new one.

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