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Field Specialist Interview(Student Candidate) Tulsa, OK

On a clock, what is the difference in the angle of the

  minute hand and the hour hand when the clock shows 3:15.

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You can answer this question a number of ways with trig. But the simplest way is to think about it. a Circle (clock) is 360 degrees. A clock as 60 mniutes on it.

360/60=6 degrees per minute

If the clock reads 3:15, that means the hour hand is on the 3, and the minute hand is 1 minute past the 3. Therefore the answer is:

6 degrees

Interview Candidate on Mar 11, 2014

The minute hand is front of the hour hand.

Dang Dinh Tan on Mar 26, 2014

The answer is simply, ZERO!

Manuel on Mar 31, 2014

If a clock reads 3:15, then the minute hand is on the "3" (at zero degrees given a standard unit circle configuration). The hour hand is a little ways past the 3, a quarter of the way to the 4. There are 360/12= 30 degrees in each hour section. Since the hour hand has advanced a quarter of the way through the 3-4 hour section, 30/4= 7.5 degrees. So the hour hand is at -7.5 degrees and the minute hand at 0 degrees. There is a 7.5 degree difference.

Jason on Mar 31, 2014

6 degrees

Lee on Feb 14, 2015

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