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Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) Interview(Student Candidate) Redmond, WA

On campus interview questions: 1) Find the middle of a

  linked list 2) Find all the paths in a binary tree that sum up to a given value 3) Write test cases for bing (yeah, really!) On site interviews: - Interview 1: After discussing past projects. Write test cases for a routine that takes input 2 Cartesian coordinates and draws a line joining them, but the display pane can show points only such that x and y are between -100 and 100. How would you design it for a blind person. Choose the best 6 test cases and why. - Interview 2: After discussing my resume. Write code to find all the palindromes in a string. Code both naive and efficient approaches. What if the string had spaces also, like "race car", which is also a palindrome. What if characters similar to an alphabet, from other languages were also be considered as the same character. What if you were implementing a web service with a page that takes input string in a textbox and displays all the palindromes. What test cases would you write to see the service works fine. What of your service was being used only by people in Germany. How can you optimize? - Interview 3: After resume discussion, talks for 5 minutes about his team, MS Office Sharepoint. Just 1 question for the entire interview. Given an API with a string argument and an int return type, what could it be doing. Imagine the different possibilities and how would you decide the testcases, based on the functionality of the API you thought of. Think on test that assure sanity, +ve examples, -ve examples, security, scalability of the API. - Interview 4: Discusses my resume, talks about his team and shortly about his experience of 20 years at MSFT (at which I instantly remarked, I would have never been able to pull that off!). Says that I see from your feedback that you are more of a problem solver, so I would like to test your imagination. Asks me to implement string.Split(some char) API of C#. Write test cases that would fail my code. Write code to fix those failures, iterate till all are resolved. At the end, tries to sell me the SDET position, says it's lots of fun and SDE/SDET switching happens every couple of years. Otherwise, MSFT pampers it on-site invitees. They pick you up from the hotel and airport in a limo, $75/day just for meals, crazy discounts in the MSFT store, free taxi/rental car to explore the city and $50 reimbursable, apart from meals and taxis if you want to buy other stuff.

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The coding problems were all from resources already out there. But other questions, particularly the really open ended ones were what made the interviews different from Google or Amazon interviews. I think they were looking for people who would continue to be SDETs and not like to move to another role and they just did not find me to be one of those. Personally, yes I'm more of a developer than a tester, but I'm still not sure why did they not make an offer even after answering all questions correctly.

Interview Candidate on Nov 14, 2013

what r testcases for bing ??

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2013

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