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Consultant Interview Alexandria, VA

One hiring manager kept asking the question, "What is in it

  for ME to hire you?" He was hostile and became increasingly so as I attempted to answer his question. I responded initially in terms of what I brought to the project, then what I could bring to Deloitte. When asked again, I inquired as to how he earned the proverbial "gold star" and then offered how I could help him achieve his goals. He laughed and said he had a whole lot of people who already do that...and he asked again. I offered some other which he laughed again and said I was dense. He then made it clear that he was soliciting some form of a bribe (money or sex) when he made it clear that he wanted to either "personally profit" or "feel good" because he hired me. I made it clear that I would never do that (the thought occurred to me that this was an integrity test), at which point he said the interview was over and passed me to the next hiring manager. Whether it was some sort of test or he was indicative of the quality of manager at Deloitte, I am on the whole glad I was passed over. Though I know I could have made a very positive contribution to the consulting project.

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