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Senior Project Manager Interview Beaverton, OR

Our project process is broken. We are the testing team. We

  are falling behind, and we don't have enough resources to keep up and we cannot afford to bring on more resources. The development team keeps throwing more work at us and changes. What would you do to fix the situation.

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Let's be realistic here. If you don't have the money or the resources to keep up, and if you cannot implement change control or the cycles in which development work is done, there's not much you can do. In order to affect change, you must either match the development rate with the QC rate, add resources, or improve efficiency to keep up. Since you can do none of those, a real change is not likely.

Interview Candidate on Oct 11, 2012

Find places to cut spending where we don't necessarily need to be doing it. Whether it's something small or a job or two, whatever it takes to get the job done because what matters is the big picture! We can always find a smaller job for people we need to cut off the team.

Anonymous on Sep 5, 2015

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