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Senior Operations Analyst Interview Richmond, VA

Phone case interview: The company has an online document

  centre which keeps track of all of the info about its customers. We offered our customers a free option to enroll in e statements and stop receiving paper statements. The enrollment numbers are below our expectations. We want to launch a marketing campaign. What are some of the factors that you would consider to design such a campaign? List them and briefly explain. Now, I have some data for you. The marketing dept has determined that it would send across 150,000 emails to customers based on two different strategies. Each email costs 25 cents and the lifetime savings for each customer enrolled will be $20. For the first strategy, the customer receives a one time statement credit of $15 and under the second strategy, the customer receives a credit of $5. Which strategy would you prefer and why? When asked about response rates, the interviewer gave response rates of 15% and 10% for the two strategies.

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