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Q2 There are 2 trains A and B moving towards each other. A

  is at a speed of 100kmph B is at a speed of 70kmph. There is a crow sitting on train A and when A and B are 200km apart from each other the crow starts flying towards B at a speed of 30kmph. How much time Will it take the crow to reach B.

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2 hrs although I answered in a fluke but it was correct later i understood the concept of relative motion and it became easier.

Interview Candidate on Mar 12, 2015

Sorry I am not satisfied with the Answer
As according to Relative Velocity Concept
The Relative speed of Cow w.r.t B will be (100+30) + 70 = 200kmph
and the distance is 200 Km
So basically the time taken will be 200/200 = 1 hr.
Kindly give solution to this

Ravi on Jun 7, 2015

answer is 2hrs.. because 1st of all there is no use of the speed of 1st train as the question is how much time the crow will take to reach B.. so the solution woould be

Anonymous on Nov 26, 2015

But still when u r calculation train B is not a rest..we have to consider its relative speed !

Anonymous on Jun 16, 2019

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