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Question was asked: "If you were on an island and could

  only bring 3 things, what would you bring?"
the elder wand

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Blanket, Bible, Bottle of water

JSO on Jan 17, 2014

A 3-ring circus,
and a beautiful talented woman with a kindness of spirit.

SPK on Jan 17, 2014

Me, i and a book about schizophrenia

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2014

Bible, knife, and 100ft of Paracorde
The bible as a moral guide to your life, even when alone. The knife to build shelter, feed yourself, and defense. And, the paracorde to aid in the purposes of the knife. The latter two are your typical survivor professional's main items of choice.

Sdt on Jan 20, 2014

A good long book, a water purifier/desalinator, and a freaking boat to get home on. ;)

K on Jan 21, 2014

1) A fully equipped and provisioned yacht, a nice 100 foot model, something I can land a helicopter on.
2) A helicopter to land on my yacht.
3) My lovely wife.

Shadowrider on Jan 21, 2014

1. 50spf sunscreen
2. 5 x 7 foot beach towel
3. A wonderful person to share it with

Tepster on Jan 21, 2014

Water, fire, and music.

Celia on Jan 21, 2014

Long range wifi on solar energy, macbook and a .45

Sandra Kristal on Jan 21, 2014

Long range wifi on solar energy, macbook and a .45

Sandra Kristal on Jan 21, 2014

Loaded and with unlimited ammo.

Sanda Kriistal on Jan 21, 2014

Depends whether it is inhabited or not. If it is inhabited, I'd take money, credit card, and passport. If not, I'd take a boat with GPS, a manual how to use it, and fresh water.

Dan on Jan 21, 2014

Michael Phelps, a saddle, and a gold medal on a stick

Teagan on Jan 21, 2014

1. Flint stones
2. Outdoors Weatherproof sleeping bag
3. Antibiotics

Christian on Jan 21, 2014

1) Drinking water, 2) Clothes, and 3) A gun (thats how I will get my food)

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2014

My Laptop (Solar Powered), Books about Spirituality (God knows I will need them) and 100 cases of water

Barbara Pinkowski on Jan 21, 2014

A 2-way radio, Ginger, and Mary Ann.

Ben Blakewood on Jan 21, 2014

Three things surely has to be "Me", "I", " Myself".

Prashant Sadrani on Jan 22, 2014

Satellite radio, water purifier, and a .45 with silencer and multitude of bullets.

Neville on Jan 22, 2014

The professor, Mary Anne and Ginger

Anonymous on Jan 22, 2014

1. A power source, such as a nuclear reactor.
2. A 5 star hotel with bar and restaurant.
3. An Ipad.

Russ Miliotto on Jan 22, 2014

Hello people. Problem analysis. Oahu is an island! it doesn't say remote or deserted island, just island.
1. bathing gear
2. lots spending money
3. traveller's health insurance

T Travers on Jan 22, 2014

A beautiful Hispanic who brought bar tending products, A beautiful French woman who brought cooking supplies and supplies for me to write write a new book.

Bill Blades on Jan 22, 2014

1. A good book.
2. A comfy towel.
3. And a healthy sense of humor, because I'm in Baja working on my tan and not stranded on some island.

Jeannie on Jan 22, 2014

An equipped and crewed nuclear powered aircraft carrier, my own flag, and a bus load of minions.

C Magnus on Jan 22, 2014

I would bring a boat, hooker and a camera

kevin on Jan 23, 2014

A boat and 2 paddles

Chris on Jan 23, 2014

Survival skills, fresh ideas & the knowledge of innovation

jorge rosas on Jan 23, 2014

That depends....

 - am I stranded on this island ?

- or is someone coming back to pick me up later, therefore allowing me to have a way of getting off of it ?

If I'm going to be stranded - I'd take....

 1.) a boat with an engine.
 2) some fuel for the engine, and ...
 3) a radio to communicate with the mainland or others once having left the island.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

An endless supply of Budweiser or Bud Light and a 6 pack of the most smokin', hottest, make your mind and unit go to heaven, Supermodels on earth - one for each day of the week and all 6 of them at once every Sunday.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

a bowl, a rope and a knife

Usama Haque on Jan 24, 2014

GPS, Satellite Phone, 1-Watt Laser Pointer

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2014

Satellite Dish, Solar Panel Setup and an internet enabled smartphone.

Jeanneleez on Jan 24, 2014

A lighter, sturdy knife, satellite telephone

Dennis on Jan 24, 2014

3. The Holy Quran
2. My beautiful daughter
3. My Gorgeous wife.

Irfan Ali Chaudhry on Jan 24, 2014

1. A satellite phone
2. GPS with coordinates
3. Water to drink while I await rescue.

Chris on Jan 24, 2014

a lighter, a knife and Les Stroud (Survivorman)

Annabelle on Jan 24, 2014

1. One million bibles from each religion so I don't have to chop the precious jungle down for firewood.
2. A Walmart so I have plenty of food.
3. Satelite internet so I can keep working.

Pyjammez on Jan 27, 2014

I will take three tiny samples of my experience i.e good,bad & worse to rememeber for ever.

kulasekhara on Jan 27, 2014

Food, a mattress, and soap

Jocelyn on Jan 29, 2014

1. ship
2. money
3. friend

Adikin on Feb 2, 2014

If I would be on an Island already, There would have been no way to bring things!

Akash J on Feb 14, 2014

Hmm... As I read this, I am on the island and my responses are for what, and not whom, I will bring. My answers are: 1) remaining items I brought to the island, 2) any items I acquired while on the island, and 3) my memories, including my opinions and analysis, of the island.

Tequila George on Feb 14, 2014

Depends, what type of island and conditions: tropical or polar, dry or wet, populated or not, with friends or enemies, primative or industrial, sandy or rocky, on this planet or another, terra firma or artificial, sunny or shady, food available or not, ad infinitum... and then on to my own state of mind: looking for solitude or companionship, retired or need to get back to job, married or single, ad infinitum... then there's the issue of "could bring": on my person?, could I ship items in a container?, could I get a house airlifted?, ad infinitum... and ad naseum

anonymouse on Apr 5, 2014

2.No need I am BATMAN
3.No need cause I am BATMAN

Anonymous on May 28, 2014

A boat, a compass, and a knife.

bnagirl84 on Sep 29, 2014

So I am on an Island. If I am "bringing things" it means I am leaving the Island. The question does not every mention where you are going just that you are "bringing things". Not knowing where you are going makes it hard to know what to bring.

Brian on Apr 17, 2015

prime minister,

Anonymous on Apr 23, 2015

Flint rocks
A big knife

Kris on Mar 16, 2016

1. Superman
2. Nothing else, I have superman
3. I have superman, so obviously I'm not stranded

Kim on Mar 29, 2016

3 blow-up dolls. I want to die with a smile on my face.

Mike Dozer on Apr 24, 2019

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