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Technical Sourcer Interview

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Questions were based on Candidate Engagement Initiative and Collaboration If you are smart enough, please do not waste your time in interviewing for them. The recruiters themselves reach out to you & in the beginning everything looks good & merry, but they show their true colors post the onsite. During the prep call, they atleast tell you 5-6 times to be "transparent" with them in terms of interviewing with other companies or any other competing offers, however when it comes to them showing "transparency" they fail at it misreably. Post my onsite, the recruiter has told me that they will have the feedback within 1 week, but I should reach out to them if I get any offer in the meanwhile. As I was actively interviewing with other companies, I did get a competing FTE offer with another company & emailed the sourcer & the recruiter letting me know that I have an offer & it would be great if they can give me any feedback irrespective of it being positive or negative. I kept emailing them for past 2-3 days , and there was absolutely "NO RESPONSE". Ironically, Meta has a "Candidate Engagement" section as a part of their interview process & the kind of candidate experience they demonstrate is just TERRIBLE!!! They have this idea that if a candidate is interviewing for them, the candidate is begging to get that job

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