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Regular expression and strStr. I was not able to give KMP

  algorithm to strStr

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So no offer coz of one KMP search?

Peter on May 7, 2014

To Peter:
No. After the onsite, I was given an extra interview about culture fit. So I guess I didn't satisfy the interviewer in the culture fit round, not the technical round. I felt I was doing well in the extra interview. But I didn't get the offer. The recruiter didn't give me feedback about why I didn't get the offer.

S Sven on May 7, 2014

Thanks S Sven. Your feedback is really appreciated. Thanks for taking out time to reply.

Peter on May 7, 2014

KMP is pretty hard to remember, why didn't you try to go with Rabin-Karp or Boyer-Moore?

Anonymous on Jun 5, 2014

For the regular expression question, what is your solution? There seems to be at least two solutions. One is based on dynamic programming, and the other based on non-determinstic automata. I'm not quite sure which sotluion is better to take at the interview.

Lin on Jun 8, 2014

Nice explanation:

Luna on May 18, 2015

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